Discover Cameron Highlands tour
A guided tour to the largest tea plantation, mini dairy farm, vegetable farm, flower nursery, orang asli settlement, lake, market and racehorse spelling station

Countryside tour
Visit to the lush countryside with stopovers at the largest tea plantation and processing factory, rose garden, souvenir shop, butterfly farm, vegetable farm, market square, apiary, strawberry farm and Buddhist Temple.

Nature Walk
A stroll through the jungle bringing you close to the wonders of Nature.

Star Regency Hotel Apartment, a beautiful highland resort nestled majestically in the quaint, colorful and cultured township, strategically situated 5,000 feet above sea level at Brinchang and approximately 3km from main town of Tanah Rata.
240 km or 3 1/4 hours traveling by car from Subang Airport
224 km or 3 1/2 hours traveling by car from Kuala Lumpur
113 km or 2 hours traveling by car from lpoh
280 km or 4 hours traveling by car from Penang

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