Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I make my room reservation?
A. To make reservations, please use our Secured Online Reservation Form available on this website. Please ensure that you furnished all the required information as specified on the Reservation Form.

Q. When I submit my reservation form, where does my request go?
A. It will go to our Reservation Department.

Q. How long will it take the Hotel to respond to my reservation request?
A. Within 24 hours and not later than 36 hours. If you do not receive your respond with 36 hours, please e-mail back to us at

Q. I don't have 24 hours to wait for a confirmation. What can I do?
A. You may e-mail to us at info@star-regency.netor the e-mail available on the website.

Q. What happen if after 36 hours we do not receive any respond from you?
A. As you are aware this booking is via online and there are many possible factor that your reservation does not reached us may be due to server's error or due to some other technical problem. Please e-mail back to us at info@star-regency.netto enquire about your reservation.

Q. How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
A. When you received our acknowledgement via the e-mail or fax within 24 hours and not later than 36 hours. Reservations are deemed secured if guaranteed with credit card or a prepaid Cash Deposit into the hotel's Bank Account.

Q. After filling up and submission of my Reservation Form how do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
A. Within 24 hours and not later than 36 hours, you will be contacted by e-mail informing you on the status of your reservation.

Q. How do you respond back to us on our confirmation?
A. We shall be responding back to you via e-mail. We do not call or we do not fax to you unless requested to do so. Please ensure that you furnish to us an accurate e-mail address/es.

Q. We seem to unable to locate your telephone number on this website?

A. This website and the rates displayed on this website are specially formulated for Internet Booking Only. Guest that calls in at the hotel shall not be entitled to our Internet Promotional Rates. This is the reason why we do not furnish Telephone contact.

Q. What happens if I encounter problem with my reservation upon checking-in?
A. It is advisable for you to quote your confirmation number if you were given one but if you were not, it would be advisable for you to print out the confirmation letter and bring along.

Q. What do I need upon checking-in?
A. If you are given a confirmation number please quote it during checking-in and if you do not it would be advisable for you to print out the confirmation letter and bring along.

Q. How far ahead should I make the reservations?
A. At least 72 hours before arrival date.

Q. Is it advantages for us to book early?
A. Yes it would as most of the time we are always fully booked. In order not to get disappointed please make your booking as early as possible.

Q. During the reservation I gave my credit card details but upon checking in I decide to pay cash. Is this possible?
A. Yes this is possible. We do not collect payment online. We do not deduct from your credit until you arrive at the hotel/resort, the credit card details is merely to guarantee your reservation only. You may pay cash upon check in instead.

Q. What are the means for us to guarantee our booking?
A. To guarantee your booking we would request for your credit card details. For those without credit card details we would instruct then to make a cash deposit into the house's bank account. Please indicate in the Reservation Form that you wish to pay by Cash.

Q. Which would you prefer us to use to guarantee our reservation, by Credit Card or Cash Deposit?
A. Depending where you are from, if you are from Overseas we would prefer Credit Card due to the troublesome procedures of having to go to the nearest compatible banks to make the cash deposit. To make your reservation and confirmation process easier and faster we would prefer Credit Card.

Q. If we do not have a Credit Card can we make our reservations via your Online Reservation Form and what are the procedures?
A. Yes you can make your reservations via our Online Reservation Form. The procedures would be as follows. You are to fill up our Online Reservation Form and please indicate to us that you are paying by Cash. We shall give you further instruction on how to make your Cash Deposit into our hotel/resort Bank Account during the confirmation stages.

Q. Do you collect payment during the Reservation stages?
A. No we do not collect payment during the reservations stages. During reservation stage we need your credit card details for the main reason to guarantee your reservation
Q. How do I change or cancel my reservations?
A. Through the telephone, facsimile or e-mail. Please specify your Confirmation Number, Name, Hotel/Resort, Check In Date and Check Out Date. We would prefer by e-mail as it is faster to do so.

Q. What is your hotel/resort's Cancellation Policy and what are the penalty if we defaulted?

A. Our Cancellation Policy and Penalty Charges if any, are contained within this website either on the Accommodation or Room & Rates or Promotional Packages Page. Please look for these information within this site.
Q. What credit card types are accepted for guarantee/deposit or payment at your hotel/resort?
A. Any major credit card is acceptable here.

Q. Do your hotel/resort accept Visa Electron Card?
A. No we do not accept Visa Electron Card.

Q. When do I have to include my credit card number?
A. When you fill up our Secured Online Reservation Form to guarantee your reservations. Q. Is it safe to use my credit card? A. Our Secured Online Reservation Forms are encrypted. Q. Why do you need my credit card number and expiry date? A. To guarantee the reservation during peak period or late arrival.

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